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Let's Get Empowered. Derive value and power from the disruptive impact technology and automation will have on your workforce.

Welcome to a new era of human capital management.

The Age of Automation is here, and it's disrupting your workforce. iTalent Digital's Strategic HR Solutions deliver a unique methodology using best-in-class workforce assessment tools to predict your organization's future human capital needs based on your current workforce makeup, the future impact of automation on specific roles, the external labor market, and the future HR environment in which the enterprise will operate.

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Our assessment includes an option to perform a detailed analysis of the impact automation will have down to the individual role level, and identify the skill sets that represent the best opportunities for roles at risk of obsolescence.

Developing scenarios about the future are what distinguishes strategic planning from operational planning and will keep your organization ahead of the curve.

Strategic HR will help your business:
  • Understand in detail the future impact of automation on your workforce
  • Maximize the ROI of your human capital investments
  • Assess skills gaps based on the impact of automation and technology innovation on specific roles
  • Outperform by attracting and cultivating a workforce with the optimal mix of experience and competencies
  • Adopt a leadership and advocacy role in the C-suite by delivering predictive data on the impact of technological innovation on the workforce
  • More effectively plan for, and adapt to, changes in the economic, technological or HR landscape

Traditional HR

The Old Way

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Strategic HR

The New Way

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Get 360° Visibility

Our proprietary Human Capital
Management Dashboard
analytics to give HR a 360⁰ view of an
employee's past and future journey
through the workforce, as well as their
impact on overall company goals.

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Predictive workforce assessment: Automation Assessment Dashboard screenshot

Predictive Workforce Assessment

Our Automation Assessment Dashboard
provides a detailed view of how
technological innovations are likely to
affect the evolution of your workforce,
down to the individual role level. This
enables you to build a roadmap of
specific actions needed to future-proof
your organization's collective skillset.

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iTalent was a critical partner to the success of the Talent Acquisition organization. The suite of services they offered to my organization surpassed all of my expectations.

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Strategic Human Resources Success Factors

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Executive Partnership

Let HR drive organizational development by coaches operating as strategic human capital advisors and coaches to business leadership.

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Digitized HR Management (HRM) Systems

Digitally transform your HR department, and automate and streamline HRM processes, to boost productivity through collaborative solutions that enable data-driven decision making.

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Technology-Driven Impact Assessment

Prepare your organization and employees for change with our analysis of the current workforce and assessment of the impact automation will have on specific roles, based on industry benchmarks.

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Skills Gap Analysis & Change Management

Develop a change roadmap to grow employee skill sets (learning) in areas of need and drive a comprehensive change strategy for the organization.

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Engagement & Retention

Leverage leading-edge technology and programs to recruit, screen, onboard and orient candidates. Develop strategies to identify, reward and recognize top employees

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Communicate & Collaborate

Create connection and transparency through digitized collaborative platforms to engage the HR team, candidates and employees.

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Visibility & Insights

Understand the drivers impacting the workforce. Use predictive analytics to give HR a 360º view of an employee's life cycle, including the future impact of technology on their current role.

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Performance & Productivity

Measure employee productivity as the relationship between an organization's workforce investments and its corresponding productivity gains, or ROI.


iTalent Digital has developed strong partnerships to support our Strategic HR Practice. Along with
our skilled HR professional consultancy resources and our proprietary recruiting tools, we have
partnered with best-in-class capabilities that deliver an unparalleled offering.

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