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iTalent Digital launches its AI-enabled recruiter bot
on Facebook Messenger

Integration with LinkedIn saves time and optimizes matching

30 October 2017, San Jose, Calif. – iTalent Digital today unveiled its automated digital job search assistant, MojoJob. Equipped with job matching intelligence and integrated with LinkedIn, MojoJob operates on top of Facebook Messenger, so it does not require any apps or plug-ins to be installed; anyone with a Facebook Messenger account can access the assistant.

Located at or through a search for MojoJob from within Facebook Messenger, the automated job search assistant sifts through iTalent’s available positions and selects the ones most suited to job seekers based on their experience, skills and requirements.

Traditional job searches can be cumbersome and time consuming, requiring searches on multiple platforms and guessing at keywords to find appropriate positions. MojoJob helps solve this problem by accessing the candidates’ LinkedIn profiles to instantly understand their skills, experience and other variables, then providing the candidates with a list of matching job openings.

“The power of Artificial Intelligence lies in its ability to relieve people of cumbersome or repetitive tasks to free them up for more value-added activity,” said Renée La Londe, CEO and founder of iTalent Digital. “MojoJob does just that for job hunters and recruiters. MojoJob helps job seekers by streamlining their job search and application process in a few clicks, so they can focus on preparing for their interviews and commencing a new chapter in their careers. For recruiters, MojoJob performs the initial screening and matching, allowing them to focus on the right people for the right job in a fast and efficient manner.”

MojoJob is also available as an enterprise recruiting assistant for hiring managers. The AI-enabled automated recruiting platform allows hiring managers to dramatically increase the number of candidates they screen, reduce the costs of candidate search and onboarding, and improve the candidate experience, among other benefits.

About iTalent Digital:

iTalent Digital is an innovative global woman- and minority-owned digital consulting company headquartered in San Jose, California. It helps companies in diverse industries do what they do better through an ever-evolving suite of digital transformation services including enterprise collaboration, automated mobile solutions, business insights and analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud integration, software development, and transformation management.

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