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iTalent Digital Unveils its New Logo

The redesigned logo reflects the company's focus on enabling enterprise success in the Digital Age.

20 June 2017, San Jose, Calif. – iTalent Digital, the privately held Silicon Valley-based digital consulting company, today unveiled its new logo design.

The new logo is an adaptation of the previous logo with the addition of three connected pixels in the same configuration as the three brightest stars in the Pictor constellation. The three pixels allude to iTalent's three founding partners, Renée La Londe (CEO), Caleb Hernandez (CFO) and Mark Ciotek (board member).

Pictor, which means painter in Latin, describes the role of iTalent Digital consultants as a combination of expert technician and innovative artist.

"The iTalent team are all like painters – we are technicians and artists. We create beautiful works of technological innovation in partnership with our clients, like painters create works of art on a canvas," explained Renée La Londe.

The pixels also represent digitization, which is an important part of what iTalent does as a digital transformation consultancy. They are all connected, which alludes to the company's cohesiveness as a team as well as the close partnerships it forms with customers.

"The new name and logo are a natural fit for where our company is headed and how we serve clients in the digital economy, now and in the future," said Renée.

About iTalent Digital:

iTalent Digital is an innovative global woman- and minority-owned digital consulting company headquartered in San Jose, California. It helps companies in diverse industries do what they do better through an ever-evolving suite of digital transformation services including enterprise collaboration, automated mobile solutions, business insights and analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud integration, software development, and transformation management.

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