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iTalent Digital Deploys its Intelligent iAgent for GDPR Compliance

The solution automates the intelligent processing and routing of personal data

26 February 2018, San Jose, Calif. – iTalent Digital, the privately held Silicon Valley-based digital consulting company, today unveiled the details of its intelligent agent ("iAgent for GDPR") that the company has architected, designed and implemented for ensuring and optimizing GDPR compliance among its customers.

The solution is configured to support specific data security policy requirements for data and applications. iAgent for GDPR analyzes the GDPR requests received and routes them intelligently to target systems and repositories, triggering required actions to ensure compliance.

iTalent Digital customizes iAgent for GDPR to each customer, delivering a complete data inventory template, data typing, tagging and classification, and the configuration of tailored data- and application-specific policies.

"The key is to ensure GDPR readiness across all data services," said Fred Walters, general partner at iTalent Digital. "Personally identifiable information [PII] tends to be stored and processed by a number of different applications and systems in different ways, and often across multiple repositories. iAgent for GDPR automates policies and data management, allowing the intelligent processing and management of PII across the enterprise's applications and repositories," he explained.

GDPR: Not Just an IT Issue

GDPR compliance is not just an IT issue; it's more complex than that. iTalent's proprietary Digital Change Management methodologies coupled with Business Insights & Analytics expertise complements the GDPR solution, ensuring a holistic and durable approach to GDPR compliance.

"GDPR compliance requires an integral view of how data is captured, processed and stored, as well as how the company communicates with the people whose data are being captured, also known as data subjects," said Walters. "A holistic approach is required for a solution that will best protect the interests of both the company and the data subjects."

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