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Time is up for GDPR Compliance.

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is here!

Are you ready? Are you confident you won't incur penalties for

GDPR compliance is not just an IT issue; it's more complex than
that. It requires an integral view of how data is captured,
processed and stored (including by third parties), as well as how
the company communicates with the people whose data are being captured (data subjects).

A holistic approach is required for a solution that will best protect
the interests of both the company and the data subjects.

GDPR non compliance
can incur penalties of
fines of up to 4% of
annual global revenue
or 20 million euros-
whichever is higher.

We can get you into compliance with our reliable, sustainable and cost-effective solution: iAgent for GDPR.
It automates the processing and routing of customer requests to delete or export personally identifiable information (PII) and help deliver GDPR readiness across data services and repositories.

  • If the GDPR applies to your organization - and it probably
    does if you collect any sort of information about anyone who
    resides anywhere within the EU - you can't afford to ignore it.

    ~ Debra Littlejohn Shinder

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